The results of the national contest «I want to study at KAZGUU -3» were announced

This year more than 50 candidates from all regions of Kazakhstan contested to become the owner of the rector’s grant of KAZGUU.

Another possibility to receive free professional training in a leading law university of the country was presented to graduates of secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums and colleges of Kazakhstan. Talents of art competition finalists, which has already become traditional, were evaluated by members of a competent jury, which consisted of Talgat Narikbayev, Chairman of the Board of JSC KAZGUU University, Murat Abenov, Deputy Chairman of the NCE Atameken, Nurlan Alimzhanov, honored artist, actor of stage and screen.

Chairmen of the jury assessed creativity of the contestants, their personal achievements, the presence of comments about competitors by prominent public figures and creative approach to the creation of the University’s image. Another important criterion for getting into the final was the maximum number of actual views, likes, video reposts on social networks as Youtube, Facebook, Vkontakte. All members of the jury noted a fairly high level preparation of the participants, despite their young age. Five absolute leaders, corresponding to all competitive criteria were identified after voting. The finalists are:

  1. Sabina Baurzhanovna Temirzhanova (NKR, village Yavlenka, School №1 named after T.S. Pozolotina)

  1. Azamat Maksutovich Mamirov (Karaganda district, Saran city, School №1)

  1. Islam Sultanuly (Taraz city, gymnasium № 45 named after B. Momyshuly)

  1. Ayazhanym Meyramqyzy Әlzhan (NKR, village Petrovka, Petrovka Secondary School)

  1. Arsen Zeynelgabdenuly Kuanyshev (Astana city, school-lyceum №15)


The certificate for a 20% discount for studies at KAZGUU University was awarded to a participant Anel Khamitova (Karaganda city, NIS) 

All other participants are contenders for a 10% discount.

  • Ковченко Святослав (10% скидка)
  • Алпысбай Аида(10% скидка)
  • Жанатаева Асель (10% скидка)
  • Нурпеисова Айжан (10% скидка)
  • Шахаман Айдана (10% скидка)
  • Бекболов Дәулет (10% скидка)
  • Накиева Мадина (10% скидка)
  • Сеитова Жанар (10% скидка)
  • Сатпаева Камилла (10% скидка)
  • Ермекбаев Бауыржан (10% скидка)
  • Карабаева Алуа (10% скидка)
  • Есбулатова Мадина (10% скидка)
  • Исатаева Сания (10% скидка)
  • Байтурсынова Камила (10% скидка)
  • Қыздарбекова Диана (10% скидка)
  • Шугай Адина (10% скидка)
  • Әсілхан Уәли (10% скидка)
  • Кинжибаева Джамиля (10% скидка)
  • Сагдатова Айдана (10% скидка)
  • Абдрахманов Даулет (10% скидка)
  • Бақытжан Ақбота (10% скидка)
  • Орынбаева Алтынай (10% скидка)
  • Андагулов Мирболат (10% скидка)
  • Егинбай Алибек (10% скидка)
  • Адильбай Газиза (10% скидка)
  • Садыков Даурен (10% скидка)
  • Чекабаева Ангелина (10% скидка)
  • Абу Амина (10% скидка)
  • Убашева Камила (10% скидка)
  • Смаилова Мадина (10% скидка)
  • Тургаева Томирис (10% скидка)
  • Есеркепов Тамерлан (10% скидка)
  • Машрапова Шаһизада (10% скидка)
  • Эмльс Салтанат (10% скидка)
  • Байдарбекова Айгерим (10% скидка)
  • Турениязова Аида (10% скидка)
  • Раджабова Рухсора (10% скидка)
  • Адамов Мухамед (10% скидка)
  • Аширханова Хадиша (10% скидка)
  • Махамбетияр  Аяш (10% скидка)
  • Қасымханова Арманай (10% скидка)
  • Жибек Шымбай (10% скидка)
  • Серикова Акбота (10% скидка)
  • Есенова Камила (10% скидка)
  • Мурзахмет Томирис (10% скидка)
  • Нурсултан Нургали (10% скидка)
  • Досмухамбетова Сауле (10% скидка)
  • Айткалиев Жан (10% скидка)
  • Цой Екатерина (10% скидка)
  • Ермуратова Наргиз (10% скидка)

n7L_xB1z30o — копияNurlan Alimzhanov, honored artist, actor of stage and screen:

“I evaluated in the first place creative approach and creativity of the participants while watching the video as I am a representative of art. In my opinion, most of the participants came up with the responsibility for the task and coped with it.”

13882555_10208445482789546_2220040896650679530_n-----kopiya-minMurat Abenov, Deputy Chairman of the NCE Atameken:

“I am sure that such projects are relevant and demanded by society as they aim to support talented young people and stimulate achieving goals. KAZGUU is one of the few universities where policies of attracting and supporting talented young people with leadership qualities are purposefully implemented. They are the ones who will constitute the backbone of the country’s future professionals.”

The video presentations of all participants are available here.

Extract from Minutes №1 of the video competition «I want to study at KAZGUU-3»(download).

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