A scholarship for KAZGUU University student


A patron of the Corporate Fund “KAZGUU Endowment” has provided financial support to Sabina Mukhamatnurova, a 1st-year student of the university.  The sponsor, who wished to remain anonymous, paid the student’s tuition fees for a year.

Having lost her parents’ support, Sabina was left in a difficult financial situation.  Now, thanks to the timely help provided by the sponsor, she has an opportunity to continue her education.  In the future, Sabina is planning to pursue a career in law enforcement.

We are glad to see that in their noble actions, people are guided by high and forever unyielding moral and spiritual values, such as humanity, compassion, and humility.

KAZGUU University expresses gratitude to all the patrons and sponsors of the Corporate Fund “KAZGUU Endowment” for their contribution to the development of the national education system.