A KAZGUU graduate has founded 7 scholarships for the University’s students


Translation Studies students of KAZGUU Higher School of Economics who have achieved outstanding results in their studies and social activities, will receive financial support from the University’s alumni.

This was announced at the launch of Evgenia Sekhimbayeva’s book “100% Success: useful tips for self-boost”.  The author of the book is a graduate of KAZGUU’s Business Law Department.  She graduated in 1999 with an honours degree.  At the moment, Evgenia is the owner of one of the translation companies contracted by EXPO 2017.  

 Financial support to talented and gifted students at KAZGUU is provided by the University’s management team, alumni, partners, and patrons of the KAZGUU University’s Corporate Endowment Fund.  All the necessary conditions for this have been created