Who is eligible?

  • Categories of persons entitled to apply for charitable assistance provided within the framework of the ‘Endowment KAZGUU’ Corporate Fund:
    • children from single-parent families (one parent brings up, including divorced, widowed);
    • children from large families (4 or more children in the family);
    • children from low-income families (if receiving targeted social assistance);
    • Orphans and children left without the care of both parents;
    • disabled children since childhood, as well as I, II and III disability categories;
    • children whose one or both parents are disabled (I and II disability categories), or whose family members (brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother of the student) are disabled since childhood, I and II disability categories, and are under the care of the student’s parents;
    • children whose parents are pensioners (upon reaching the retirement age);
  • High academic performance: the result of passing UNT from 100 and above points (for 1st year of study applicants), the average GPA score from 3.33 and above (for 1-4 year of study students);
  • Achievements at the international and national levels:
    • for 1st year of study applicants: for grade 11;
    • for students of the 2-4th year of study: for the period of study at the University.
  • The level and significance of the applicants’ and students’ achievements are determined by the Commission independently in accordance with the internal documents of the Fund.

Where to apply?

  • KAZGUU Endowment Corporate Fund (room 238).
  • Tel.: + 7 (7172) 70 30 30 (вн. 1199)

Documents required:

  • Application download
  • Student ID Card Copy
  • Photo 3 * 4 – 1 pc.
  • Certificate of household composition with the seal of the issuing authority or a certificate certified by a notary
  • Copies of documents for each family member (birth certificate / identity card)
    single-parent family – copy of death / divorce certificate / form No. 4;
    multi-child family – a copy of the book confirming the status of a large family;
    low-income family – a certificate of targeted social assistance;
    orphans – a copy of the death certificate of the parents;
    disabled person – a copy of the certificate indicating the disability category;
    if any, a disablement certificate of family members living in the same house (disabled since childhood, group 1 and 2);
    copy of parents’ pension certificate (if any)
  • Certificate of employment of parents / guardian
  • Parents’ /guardians’ certificate of wages (for the last 6 months)
    If the parents / guardian are unemployed – a document from the Employment Center on registration as unemployed and pension contributions (for the last 6 months)
  • Certificate of presence or absence of real estate for each family member (parents, brothers, sister) / guardian (from the public service center at the place of registration)
  • Certificate of presence or absence of registration of LLP / IE for each parent / guardian (from the State Revenue Committee)
  • Extract from pension contributions (for the last 6 months) (from the public service center at the place of registration)
  • Copy of the UNT / CT certificate (for applicants), transcript (for students of 1-4 year of study)
  • Copies of republican / international diplomas and certificates (if any) 1st year of study: for grade 11; 2nd year of study and above: for the entire period of study at the University
  • Other documents (upon request of the Commission)